About BillyBear4Kids

Billy Bear 4 Kids is a non-profit corporation formed for the purpose to promote and the development of therapeutic arts for children from separated homes.

Sonja Howell, the creator of the Tranquil Parenting (a divorce program) on December 9, 2019 filed for the non-profit status to help the children of separated families with creative solutions. Sonja is a child of divorce and understands the needs children have when their parents are away from the home, as well as a divorcee knowing what parents endure during separation.

We would like to think that only children of divorce go through hard times. Actually, children of parents who are incarcerated, deported, kidnapped, lost, separated because of employment, school, relocation from natural causes such as floods and all sorts of other reasons.

Just know, this page is not only for children who have parents who are separated. This entire mission is specifically for children who are separated from one or both of their parents.

Within the site you will see a mix of free educational, therapeutic arts and fun stuff for kiddos to enjoy. Feel free to contact us with any needs you may have.

Purchasers may sponsor children by choosing from either of the creative packages that may fit the child’s needs or age they have in mind.

The website began in 1992 with award winning educational games, media materials and storybooks created by Martha Loraine Hoerig Ferus Wauer (AKA Rainie). Since her passing, her daughter Sonja Howell has un-archived the original materials, updated them as much as possible for the new media standards and created additional material and purposes to share with children today.

What People Say

It’s so sad that BillyBear4Kids has been taken down. All of Loraine’s work is now gone!

Billy Bear Fan

My grandchildren spent hours and hours on BillyBear4kids enjoying the games.


I loved Rainie and will do whatever it takes to bring BillyBear to life again.

Rainie’s Best Freind
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