Sponsor A Creative Child

As children of separated homes, they need to feel as if they are not alone and will be heard. They need to have positive creative solutions to help them along and opportunities to express themselves while their parents are busy creating their new lives. BillyBear4Kids provides opportunities for them. Let’s get started…

Create the perfect package for your perfect Creative Kiddo!
As a member of the BillyBear4Kids Sleuth,
your child will begin to…

Feel as if they BELONG.

Be as RESILIENT as you know they are.

Be COURAGEOUS in the midst of their fear.

Feel a renewed sense of CONFIDENCE.

EXPRESS themselves.

Use their IMAGINATION in BIG ways!

2 options to get started…

Billy Bear

Billy Bear is hand made and created right in the depths of the BillyBear4Kids den. You can choose to send your own cloth materials or Billy Bear will choose materials for you. This plush doll is approximately 12″ tall, perfect for children 4 and up, plus a personalized downloadable coloring storybook with crayons, created specifically for the child in mind.

Creative Journal

This specific writing journal is filled with art and lined paper, approximately 8 inches tall and covered. Perfect for children 8 and up. Writing pencils, coloring pencils, pens and downloadable therapeutic writing projects are included with this package.

Each package is priced at $50.

These offers include a uniquely handcrafted bag to hold the items and a 12 week social media group subscription to Billy Bear’s Playground for additional support of the creative projects.

Let’s create something together.

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